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Planning a Fall Wedding on a Budget? Play Productions LLC Can Help!

Play Productions LLC is a professional event consultation and DJ service in the Washington DC metropolitan area - Virginia and Maryland included. We have been making memories since 2011 and want to help make your Fall wedding our next unforgettable moment. Spring and Summer weddings are often regarded as being the most expensive times to have wedding. That said, Fall weddings are no bargain either. At Play Productions LLC we personally work with each client in person to customize a budget and experience.

We do not believe that quality, professional DJ services should cost a fortune simply because the engagement is a wedding. Vendors everywhere are notorious for adding fees and charges to their services simply because it is a wedding and they can get away with it. Multiple small charges are often obscured by the larger sum cost of everything. Play Productions LLC allows you to customize aspects of your DJ presence. For example, do you want to have a concert grade sound system with enough bass to shake the building? We are happy to provide such a sound system upon request. Conversely, if you would like a more modest sound system and are not concerned with how much the building vibrates, we can provide you with a range of sound system options that can meet your budget.

Play Productions LLC also allows clients to pick as many songs as they would like to be played at their wedding. We also employ a "Do Not Play List" that you can utilize to make sure any songs you would not like to hear are denied from being played should your guests request them. We pride ourselves on communicating earnestly with our clients to ensure that your music tastes are reflected in the live selection.

Feel free to email us at or call 443-516-PLAY (7529) to start a discussion and schedule your free consultation. The time to secure your Fall wedding DJ is now.

Autumn Legs

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